Hello! Welcome to my brand spanky new site!

OK, so I've decided to keep my blogging straight to the point - pretty much like me!

I've had two weeks off work (my Carer job), so I've tried to be as productive as possible.

I've had so many orders through my Etsy shop #etsystore, I feel I haven't had time to do any extra stuff, i.e. designing new stuff, marketing etc. The list goes on...

Anyhow, I've managed to design this fabulous new site with the help of the Wix #wix design suite. I've had a web site for a while, but thought it was time I had 'a proper grown-up one'!!! Hopefully, you'll all like it? I'm sure their will be a few changes and teething problems, but all in all I'm super happy.

Now - to fill it with some new wonderful designs....

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